Frequently asked Questions

What is a tantra massage?

A tantra massage is completely different from any other massage. There is no other massage in which the individual in his or her sexual being is dignified to such an extent. The massage will give you the possibility to deeply relax in your own passion and to make new experiences which might enrich your whole everyday world.

Tantra equates sexual energy with divine energy. This energy is what we were all made of and it penetrates us our whole life. To revive this energy is the essential objective of a tantra massage.

In tantra we consider the body as a temple - the genitals are as venerable as any other part of the body.

A tantra massage is a respectful, affectionate, relaxing, energetic, sensual and powerful massage which creates an environment in which you can feel innocence and drop all pretense.

You are welcome with all your needs and feelings. A tantra massage does not focus on arousal but on intentionlessness which allows you to find yourself and to feel that you are complete.

What happens during a tantra massage?

Our tantra massages are between 1,5 and 3 hours long and you can combine them with other services such as breath meditation, partner yoga or prostate massage.

After a warm welcome we will have a quick chat on open questions, ideas and limits.You can take a shower afterwards and wrap you body into a lungi. The massage starts with a greeting ceremony during which the masseur will remove the lungi.

The full body massage is a feast for the senses. Each part of the body will be massaged tenderly and you will be spoiled with silk clothes, feathers, a hot wash and select oils and fragrances. The massage ends with an intimate massage which lasts between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the overall duration of the massage.

After an appropriate rest period we will end our journey with another quick chat.

You can of course take another shower after the massage to clean yourself. All necessary care products are available.

What is the difference between an erotic and a tantra massage?

An erotic massage is goal-oriented - it focuses on the orgasm. As opposed to this a tantra massage is always aimless - it focuses on the here and now and not on a specific goal.

Tantra massage is about letting loose. It relaxes body and mind and stimulates the sexual energy. This energy is being maintained and spread across the body and it does not necessarily need to leave the body during an orgasm.

Will you use your body, mouth or tongue during the massage?

Some of our massages contain body to body elements but we are not using mouth or tongue.

Does the massage contain sexual union?

No. You will be in a receiving position while enjoying a wonderful experience.

Will the masseur be nude during the massage?

Yes. The masseur will wear a lungi at first but undress during the massage.

Is an intimate massage always part of your massages?

Not necessarily - we will discuss your limits during our chat prior to the massage. Especially for women it is very important to know and express own limits. That could also mean to consciously pass a certain limit.

Which massage works best for tantra beginners?

For beginners we recommend ayurvedic treatments, Ying & Yang massage, tantra ritual Pavana, tantra ritual Surichi or our classic tantra massage Chadna.

Is it ok to have an erection during the massage or to ejaculate?

In a tantra massage you will be accepted as you are. Sexuality is seen as part of divinity and having an erection during a tantra massage is totally normal. Likewise, not having an erection is also totally fine.

It is important to know that an ejaculation is not a must during an intimate massage. But again, it is fine if it happens.

Am I allowed to touch or massage the masseur?

No, that is not part of what we offer. We invite you to enjoy the massage without doing anything yourself. It allows you to deeply relax and let go of everything which can be a wonderful feeling.

Could I also come by with my partner?

Couples are very welcome to visit us and to experience a completely new sensuality with each other. We offer coachings in which we teach you how to massage each other - you can choose between the following different focuses:

Ayurveda massage, tao and tantra massage, body perception, chakra regulation, breathing techniques and meditation, partner yoga, energy cycles.

Please note that these coachings are about massaging each other - the coach will only instruct.

A tantra massage can also give fresh impetus to couples that got into a rut.

Can I visit you without an appointment?

All our massages require a quiet and intimate atmosphere. During a massage the doorbell would only disturb our guest. Hence, we kindly ask you to make an appointment via telephone. In case you cannot reach us please leave your name and telephone number on the answering machine and we will call you back as soon as we can during our telephone hours (Mon - Sat, 10am - 6pm / 8pm).